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A bit about me...

I am a passionate and creative artist, illustrator and brand designer based in Dorset. I live in a small village not too far from the sea with my husband Jez (all-round 'handy man'), my two girls, Moo the greedy dog, a mad duck called Mr D and some chickens.

When I am not designing in my studio, you can find me glass-blowing (damn it's hot), or in contrast wild swimming and enjoying coastal walks and the beautiful Dorset countryside - this is where I do my best thinking. 

I have a passion for buildings (especially old ones) and spaces in general. Over the years I have worked on lots of renovation projects and love styling a space. Colour is my thing and I often take on colour consultancy projects for friends and neighbours. I love it!



My logo mark is a leaping hare. I chose this as they kept appearing all the time when I was in the process of starting my business. When I looked into the symbolism of the hare, I discovered that it can mean re-birth and new beginnings, as well as wisdom and creativity - it feels like a good omen to have a hare as part of my brand. Once thought to be the spirits of witches (or wise women), they have a strong female energy and have been making a big comeback here in recent years - there is also something mischievous about them, which I love. 




Let’s Work Together

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